3 Ways To Improve Digital Patient Engagement

digital patient engagement

Healthcare professionals must keep up with the fast-moving younger generations in the digital age. That means understanding while patients born before 1964 highly appreciate in-person doctor visits, 22% of Gen Xers, 33% of millennials, and 41% of Gen Zers prefer convenient virtual visits. Many also value having physicians at the click of a button when age, disability, location, and economic status bar walk-ins. 

Therefore, with digital health on the rise, improving your digital patient engagement is crucial. That includes anything from alleviating challenges in the healthcare revenue cycle management space for a better billing process to relaying illnesses and remedies through patient portals for better health understanding. Don’t forget five-star PracticeForces in Clearwater, FL, for an effortless billing process. 

1. Becoming Patient-centric

Innovative tools like wearables, portals, and telehealth provide doctors with information vital to monitoring patients. While also meant to enhance at-home comfort, patients lose interest or shy away from tools with complicated interfaces. To encourage long-term effectiveness, improve digital patient engagement with the following user-friendly factors: 

  • Easy access to internal website links and tabs for effortless searching 
  • Engaging characteristics like touch screens and fingerprint ID
  • Short and easy-to-understand processes
  • Omnichannel awareness

2. Integrating Various Channels for Patient Engagement

No two patients are the same. Similarly, the way some patients reach out to your healthcare providers may not be accessible or understandable to others.

Omnichannel integration takes the guesswork out of determining which platform is the best for your patients by incorporating multiple digital patient engagement tools into your system. That way, your patients receive the information they need, whether it’s through:

  • Email messaging or marketing tactics
  • Social media chats or campaigns
  • Phone calls or text messages
  • In-mail letters, messages, or pamphlets 

3. Incorporating Diversity

The US welcomes citizens of all backgrounds. Therefore, don’t lose your patients to a lesser company simply because they speak the patient’s language. Consider the following inclusive methods. 


While English remains America’s first language, each region consists of numerous dialects. For non-English-speaking patients, translate vital health information and consider hiring translators and a diverse team so patients have options when talking to a provider. Certified translations reach a vast array of individuals and better guarantee patient health engagement. 

Inclusion in Digital Health Tools 

A patient’s care journey should also have treatment options according to their background and abilities. That includes examining all digital platforms and technologies for usability. For instance, improve digital patient engagement for equity with recent regulations insisting on:

  • Larger text and clear fonts
  • Texts, audio, videos, and captions in different languages
  • Pronunciations and glossaries for different reading levels

The Digital Future in Your Hands With Our Assistance  

Another way to help patients involves using our quality computer skills for medical billing and coding. By contacting the insurance companies for you, we improve health outcomes. We find in-network funds for your patients and give you the time you need to make a difference in each patient’s life.

To better understand PracticeForces’ role in creating digital patient engagement, contact (727) 499-0351 in Clearwater, FL. Our A+ BBB-rated company will answer your questions today!

Parul Garg, CEO and co-founder of PracticeForces, has significantly contributed to the growth of over 1,000 U.S. medical practices through her expertise in medical billing and coding since the company’s inception in 2003. With a background in Computer Science and an MBA in Human Resources, her leadership and AAPC-certified coding skills have been pivotal in managing the company’s operations effectively.

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