Are You on Track for MIPS 2023 Reporting?

Every year CMS publishes data for MIPS eligibility for the current and past performance years. Check your eligibility on https://qpp.cms.gov. Your group NPI and individual NPI will undergo revisions for MIPS eligibility. Practices should also take into account the data from the Alternative Payment Model (APM). If you haven’t been working on your MIPS data, you still have 1 Quarter to work on or file a hardship and avoid penalties up to 11%. We are honored to share good bunch of our practices who we consulted on MIPS scored 100/100 and are eligible to earn +8.25% positive payment for MIPS. We can achieve the same results for your healthcare enterprise. Contact us today for assistance on MIPS 2023 reporting. For more questions feel free to visit us at www.practiceforces.com

MIPS Puts Your Bottom Line on the Line

For the 2022 performance year, you can receive up to a 9% payment adjustment (positive or negative) in 2024 (the payment year).

For example, if you bill $1.5 million per year in Medicare, your 2022 MIPS performance can make up to a $135,000 difference in your income in 2024.

However, after the 2022 performance year, there will be no more positive payment adjustments, only penalties. Can you afford not to track your score?

Why Choose Modernizing Medicine?

Value-based care isn’t going away, and we know firsthand how time consuming it can be to keep track of all the factors involved in MIPS reporting. That’s why we work hard to stay abreast of the changes. We can provide you with the solutions you need to help you achieve your MIPS goals:

  • Industry leadership in specialty-specific EMR content and usability
  • Built-in MIPS Composite Score reporting and data submission
  • Robust analytics and benchmarking tools tracking your performance in real time
  • Patient engagement tools, including patient kiosk, patient portal, patient reminders and patient surveys.
  • Concierge coaching with our advisory services*
  • Web and mobile solutions

Make data-driven decisions to improve health and cost-effectiveness while succeeding under MACRA. Our powerful EMA EMR solutions dig deep into population trends, care utilization and quality measures, helping you stay competitive. By utilizing structured health-system-generated and patient-generated data, Practice Forces helps streamline workflows and give you valuable insights that can drive achievement of your goals.

*Available at an additional cost.

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