Save Time and Improve Revenue

Eliminate medical billing pain and get the most out of your medical practice! If you want medical billing services in Florida that improve your cash flow with lower denied rates, PracticeForces is the one to call. We deliver the industry’s best turnaround times and offer superior customer service to improve your cash flow without sacrificing patient care.

Maximize Your Profitability

Get better cash flow without eliminating patient care with our strategic medical billing and healthcare administration in Florida. Our medical billing services help your physician practice save time, money, and resources. Achieve a 20% increase in revenue in the first 90 days with our strategy-driven medical billing solutions for Florida-based healthcare providers!

Increase Your Profitability

Work with a team of experts willing to go the distance to make your practice more profitable with our proven strategies and excellent customer service.

Save Time

Save time, energy, and money by working with an expert medical billing company in Florida with expertise in medical billing, coding, and collection services.

Improve Your Cash Flow

With our team of medical billing experts and strategic billing solutions, you'll notice an increase in revenue in your practice in just 90 days!

Help Getting Paid Faster

Reduce days outstanding by 10% on average and recover past due accounts receivable quicker with our automation, thorough follow-ups, and electronic billing in Florida.

Improve the Patient Experience

Focus on the patient experience and increase your referrals through the positive and timely interactions you will have with your patients, their families, and your insurance partners.

Gain Momentum

Turn your practice around with the help of our best-in-class customer service and medical billing experts.

Clear Invoices

Outsource your Florida medical billing and get a professional to help you get paid faster with clear invoices that you can share with your patients or clients.

Florida Medical Billing and Collection Services – Why Choose Us!

Providing the best customer service

Get a dedicated team of professionals you can depend on for all your revenue cycle and healthcare management Florida needs, including a team of knowledgeable billing experts who have been doing it for 20 years.

Enhanced productivity

We'll work hard to increase your practice revenue by 20% or more during the first 90 days.

Affordable Pricing

Our pricing is transparent and suitable for unique practice needs. Sick of losing money on claims, invoices, and slow reimbursements? Get in touch with our experts now for healthcare administration and service management!


Our billing accuracy is above 98%, which means faster reimbursements, increased cash flow, and increased productivity. We analyze and prioritize every old claim.

Faster claims submissions

We can process and send a claim to your insurance company within 12-24 hours.

Quick Reimbursements

We offer claims submissions in 12-24 hours and a low first-pass rejection rate, which maximizes your reimbursements so that you can have the funds quicker than ever.

Monthly Reporting

We submit custom reports on health services administration in Florida daily, weekly, and monthly, depending on practice requirements.



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