Educating Patients on Telehealth – Podcast

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Get the word out about telehealth services!

There is never a right moment to start offering telemedicine. If you are launching a new medical practice, or if you are just starting out with telemedicine, here are some telemedicine implementation tips.

Start talking: Educate your patients. Not everyone is a candidate for telehealth services, nor is every type of care appropriate via telecommunications technologies. But ensure your patients know that you offer this service.

Promote it across all platforms: If you have the wherewithal, utilize all your practice’s channels — website, email, text messaging, social media, patient portal, flyers and signage, online advertising, referrals — to educate and inform patients.

Make the appointment process simple: Make it easy for patients to try telehealth services. Ensure that patients can easily make a telehealth appointment via phone, text, your website, or patient portal.

Recognize your bandwidth: When you first begin to offer telehealth services, you need to determine how many additional patients you can see each day. Will you have to add hours, and if so, can your staff manage the extra scheduling tasks?

For more implementation tips, listen to the podcast.

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