HIPAA Training for Employees: What Does It Involve?

hipaa training for employees

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act came into effect in 1996. Federal law requires HIPAA training for employees in the healthcare field. You probably already know that HIPAA training is mandatory, but what does it involve?

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HIPAA Training Safeguards Protected Health Information

HIPAA training teaches your employees how to guard protected health information. It also protects patients from unknowingly allowing others to see their patient health information. That’s why it’s imperative that anyone who may come in contact with PHI undergo proper HIPAA training.

Protecting sensitive information isn’t just about preventing others from overhearing medical details. Without HIPAA practices in place, a patient could fall victim to medical identity theft. When a thief submits a false medical claim, it could result in fraudulent medical charges for the victim or even an interruption of care.

To ensure compliance, all new employees should go through HIPAA training. That means training materials should be easily accessible and up to date.

HIPAA Compliance Training Clarifies The Scope

What does HIPAA training cover? It’s an overview that explains the history of HIPAA and what information it protects. The training sessions will also include appropriate terms and abbreviations.

Students will learn best practices with the Privacy Rule and Security Rule overview. They will also study the rights patients have when it comes to their own medical information and how to communicate these to family members. Medical professionals have to use their judgment when disclosing information, so HIPAA training also includes best practices in the Disclosure Rules portion to streamline these difficult decisions.

As electronic records become more commonplace, HIPAA training has evolved to include user ID and password best practices and other ways to protect electronic information. It also covers the following:

  • How to handle e-PHI with the utmost confidentiality
  • How to prevent HIPAA violations 

Best practices say that medical professionals should report HIPAA violations instead of hoping they don’t get caught. This is partly why the training also covers how matters will proceed in the event of a breach. With HIPAA compliance in place, employers then take on the responsibility of observing the process to strengthen protocol.

Online HIPAA Training Makes Things Convenient

Digital tools make it possible for entities to streamline training, including taking advantage of online training. It makes new employee training easier. It also allows for fast implementation of new information to update your existing employees because HIPAA information changes frequently.

Professional HIPAA Training for Employees Shows Results

Unfortunately, a HIPAA violation due to poor training does not mitigate the consequences. The law requires every employee to comply. As covered entities, a HIPAA audit can be scary without the reassurance of proper HIPAA training for employees. So, keep your clinic safe by keeping your training current.

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