Implications of End of PHE for COVID-19 w.e.f May 2023

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The public health emergency PHE for COVID-19 ended on May 11, 2023. And while it was an expected deadline, there have been concerns about how the deadline will impact providers across specialties. 

One common concern is how the end of PHE for COVID-19 will impact telehealth billing. During the PHE, many restrictions that were in place on the implementation of telehealth were done away with. Telehealth consultations are now commonplace across specialties. Post the May 11 PHE end date, flexibilities offered for prescriptions of controlled substances basis telehealth consultations will be continued until Nov 11, 2023. Additionally, patient-provider relationships established by this date (Nov 11, 2023) will be provided a grace period through Nov 11, 2024, for the prescription of controlled medications. This short video by Kunal Jain, CEO of Elite Offshore Resources and CFO PracticeForces, summarizes the (before and after) PHE for COVID-19 impact on telehealth medical billing. Watch now

We recommend you read this summary prepared by MGMA of the post-PHE changes providers can expect.

Medicare Telehealth


Covid 19 Testing and Treatment

For more detailed information, read this update on the end of PHE for COVID-19 published by the CMS – Coronavirus waivers & flexibilities.

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