Improve the Telemedicine Experience [5 quick tips]

Over the last six months, telemedicine barriers have been broken and more U.S. physicians and patients are using telemedicine than ever before. However, there may still be certain barriers to a great telemedicine call experience. Here are 5 tips to improve the telemedicine experience for your patients.

Our latest infographic breaks down 5 simple things you can implement this week to improve the telemedicine experience for your patients.

1. Better Internet Speed: Improve the internet bandwidth at your medical office to support high-quality telehealth calls.
2. Quality Camera: Buy a quality camera for your office computer to improve visibility during the telehealth call.
3. Buy a large screen: Invest in a large-sized monitor for a better viewing experience as you interact with the patient.
4. Dedicated space: Use a dedicated room in your medical office to ensure that the call is conducted without interruptions.
5. Patient self-scheduling: Link your patient portal with the medical practice website and offer patient self-scheduling for telehealth calls.

For your convenience, check out this helpful infographic on tips for improving the telemedicine experience.

5 Quick tips to improve telemedicine infographic

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