Applications of Process Intelligence in Healthcare: A Short Guide

process intelligence

The digital transformation of our modern-day world is mostly positive. When used correctly, technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), process intelligence, machine learning, and automation positively affect business processes. 

However, for these benefits to take place, businesses must learn to adapt. No industry is or should be immune to these changes, including healthcare. Currently, most healthcare organizations use some form of process intelligence or AI. 

Below, we explore three reasons why these applications can improve a healthcare organization. These applications can even be a great guide to denials in medical billing

1. Improve a Patient’s Journey 

Sometimes healthcare professionals try to stray away from process intelligence and AI because there’s no specific order for treating a patient. Healthcare has a very ad-hoc nature, making it difficult to automate or standardize treatments across the board. 

While patients require varying degrees of treatment, process intelligence can still improve operational efficiency. A suitable digital intelligence solution can provide healthcare providers with a real-monitoring strategy. 

This strategy incorporates process mining, allowing healthcare providers to analyze processes. For example, healthcare providers can then analyze which processes are the hardest and which take the most time. They can even explore what procedures cost the most money. 

Through actionable insights, healthcare providers can adjust their strategies. Through methods like automation, patients will see continuous improvement in their journeys. They won’t have to deal with as long wait times, procuring their treatments much faster. 

2. Greater Outcomes for Patients 

In healthcare, any slight delay can trigger negative consequences. While healthcare providers can’t always avoid bad outcomes, process intelligence can help minimize these risks. 

For example, it’s critical to have a comprehensive record of patients’ medical needs and past treatments. Process intelligence allows facilities and medical staff to access patient records via the cloud. 

Besides accessing a patient’s records, process intelligence can also send alerts when a patient needs medicine. Process intelligence can also predict patient outcomes. Knowing these outcomes sooner can help medical staff better treat their patients. 

3. A Straightforward Billing Process

There are many moving parts when it comes to processing billing information for patients. Workers need to record diagnoses and interactions as precisely as they can. With so many moving parts, errors can easily arise. 

Likewise, it’s virtually impossible to manually go through every record to ensure it’s accurate. So, unfortunately, staff often notice errors when it’s too late, resulting in improper billing and lost revenue. 

Process intelligence can help ensure your facility efficiently handles all of its tasks. For example, you can set deadlines to promote prompt paperwork submission.

After you submit billing records, you can quickly look through them. Then, with in-depth analysis, you can quickly identify errors by checking billing statements against your patients’ journeys. 

Let PracticeForces Assist You Today 

Running a healthcare facility of any size presents many challenges. Our PracticeForces team can lighten the load by pairing you with the best process intelligence technology. 

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Parul Garg, CEO and co-founder of PracticeForces, has significantly contributed to the growth of over 1,000 U.S. medical practices through her expertise in medical billing and coding since the company’s inception in 2003. With a background in Computer Science and an MBA in Human Resources, her leadership and AAPC-certified coding skills have been pivotal in managing the company’s operations effectively.

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