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Medical Billing Charge Entry Services in Florida – Improve Revenue Collections

Medical Billing Charge Entry Services in Florida – Improve Revenue Collections

Errors in charge entry are disastrous for the financial health and reputation of a medical practice. It can lead to claim denials, the medical practice being underpaid for its services, or the practice overcharging its patients. This causes significant revenue leakages, patient dissonance, and even compliance issues for the medical practice.

What is Charge Entry?

Medical billing charge entry services in Florida are the assignment of the dollar value for the medical service performed per the chosen medical codes and corresponding payer fee schedule. Charge entry is done for all in-patient settings, surgical procedures, office visits, telehealth consultations, and ancillary supplies/services. Charge entry requires close collaboration between the medical coding and the charge entry teams to ensure that all the medical services are billed and the codes are accurate.

What is Claims Submission?

Once the charge entry is done, the next step is claims submission through the practice management system. Claims are submitted via a clearinghouse or to the insurance company through a cloud-based system.

If your medical practice regularly faces claim denials, you must improve the charge entry and claims submission processes. An efficient way to make that change is through outsourcing charge entry services in Florida to an experienced medical billing partner.

Outsourcing Medical Billing Charge Entry Services in Florida – Why Choose Us?

Outsourcing your charge entry medical billing in Florida to PracticeForces brings many advantages to your practice. When you partner with us, you can expect to experience a substantial improvement in the number of clean claims submissions and a better cash flow position. In addition, our team of dedicated medical coders, billers, and claim auditors ensures that your claims are approved quickly and cost-effectively. Outsourcing your charge entry in medical billing can also lead to increased compliance and improved performance during audits of your billing processes. We provide detailed reports about the status of claims submissions, errors, rebills, and secondary claims, allowing you to easily identify any potential gaps in eligibility, prior authorizations, or demographic captures.

Charge Entry Services in Florida – Our Process

At PracticeForces, our goal is to help our customers stay compliant while they submit accurate and complete claims. Our process starts with our team reviewing all documents submitted by your office, including charge tickets, clinical documentation, physician’s notes, and insurance documents.

Accessing All Documents

Our dedicated team carefully reviews all the documents and information provided by your medical office, including charge tickets, clinical documentation, physician’s notes, and insurance documents.

Capturing and Recording Data

The information is accurately entered into our workflow system by our experienced medical coders. Our coders capture the relevant information, including the charge value, demographics information, relevant OCD/CPT codes, modifiers, point of service, and date/time of admission.

Auditing Information

The charge information is thoroughly audited and checked for over-billing, missed charges, and adherence to specific charge capture rules before submitting claims.

Resolving Claims

We continually follow up on all pending claims and discrepancies, providing detailed reports to the practice for resolution.

Charge entry accuracy is paramount for successful medical billing, and even a minor mistake in charge entry impacts the entire outcome. With PracticeForces, you can improve your charge entry and claims submissions starting today!


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