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Efficient and Accurate Billing Collections Payment Posting in Florida

Efficient and Accurate Billing Collections Payment Posting in Florida

Did you know that without accurate billing collections payment posting in Florida, your medical practice could be in a financial black hole? Taking the time to correctly post payments can secure the financial future of your medical practice.

What is Medical Payment Posting in Florida?

Medical payment posting in Florida is the practice of entering payments from both insurance companies and patients into the practice management system. This is an important part of a medical office’s financial management and indicates its success. With accurate and timely payment posting, practices can gain greater control over their revenue collection.

Denial Posting

Denial posting in medical billing involves a multi-step process to prevent, address, and resolve insurance denials. It starts with properly submitting a clean claim to the payer, following up with denials in a timely manner, determining why a claim was denied, taking action to appeal denied claims, and finally posting write-off amounts for the failed claims. Through diligent work, denial posting helps maintain efficient revenue cycle operations for medical practices.

Why You Should Have Efficient Medical Payment Posting in Florida?

Posting payments accurately and efficiently is an important factor in maintaining a healthy revenue cycle management process. Proper billing collections payment posting in Florida can help make sure your EOB (explanation of benefits) and ERA (electronic remittance advice) payments are correctly reconciled. It also reveals how much impact denials have on revenue collection and the main reasons why claims are denied. Posting payments accurately is also the first step in determining which accounts require further follow-ups for collection or write-off decisions.

Medical Payment Posting in Florida – Why Choose Us?

Our Medicare payment posting in Florida takes all the complexities and complications of the posting process off your shoulders, allowing you to rest assured that the financial aspect of your practice is in safe and capable hands. Our skilled and experienced professionals process payment accurately and in a timely manner, so you don’t have to. With this service, you can be sure that all your posted payments are accurate, consistent, and fully compliant. Here are the main features of our payment posting services:

  • We accurately post all payments from patients and payers into your medical billing system.
  • Our payment posting process handles both paper checks and electronic remittances.
  • Daily reconciliation of payments ensures everything is noticed and posted accurately. 
  • Timely redirection of denied claims allows patients to only pay for what is actually due.
  • Payment postings are customized to the specific guidelines of your practice, such as write-offs and refund rules.
  • We conduct regular analyses of denials to identify payment issues and to avoid similar problems in the future.

Do you want to achieve a faster payment cycle and greater insight into your practice’s financial status? We can help you! Contact us today to learn how our medical payment posting in Florida can improve your revenue collection process.


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